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Searching acupuncture for hot flashes treatment in Frisco can be a difficult prospect especially with the lack of clinics that provide this kind of service. Acupuncture is a form of ancient alternative medicine that is based on understanding the body’s Chi system. Despite this practice being an ancient form of medicine, its effectiveness is unparalleled especially if you’re looking for a way on how to treat hot flashes.

Acupuncture is a non-invasive treatment that aims to balance your energy flow. It does not introduce new chemicals to your body, rather it stimulates organs to produce natural substances found in the body that was previously lacking.

This cannot be more accurate in cases of menopausal symptoms wherein the body is subject to increasing hormonal imbalances. In your search to address hot flashes, natural treatment such as acupuncture remains one of the most inexpensive and yet, most effective options available out there.

While you may always purchase over-the-counter drugs or prescription medicine to manage your hot flashes, the use of acupuncture to treat menopause symptoms is not an uncommon practice. In fact, it is considered a natural treatment for menopause by reducing hot flashes and mood swings. Through the precise targeting of Chi points in your body, acupuncture works by correcting hormonal imbalances that cause hot flashes.

Aside from treating hot flashes, acupuncture has a whole variety of benefits that treat other symptoms of menopause, here are some points for you to consider:

  1. Reduces the occurrence of night sweats – Night sweats can sometimes be a cause for panic as women experiencing it have sudden feelings of intense heat in the body that somehow cannot be controlled. Fortunately, a study published in the journal Menopausereveals that acupuncture for menopause treatment effectively reduced the occurrence of hot flashes and night sweats. The study further concluded that the results remained effective even six months after the initial treatments stopped.
  2. Regulates sleep – Clinical studies have shown acupuncture to be an effective remedy to insomnia. This is most especially true for cases of treating menopausal symptoms and the lack of sleep-related to this hormonal episode in a woman’s life. While there are special points to cure insomnia, menopause-related lack of sleep targets other acupuncture points for menopauseas well to provide instant relief and calm the nerves for a more peaceful night’s sleep.
  3. Eliminates mood swings – Another distinctive symptom of menopause is mood swings which may include irritability, periodic headaches, and difficulties in concentrating. During the menopausal stage, estrogen hormonal levels drop at dramatic rates which causes a wide range of menopausal mood swings. While doctors would most likely recommend hormone replacement therapy (HRT) to treat this, acupuncture provides a less invasive way of regulating hormonal imbalance and correcting mood disorders.
  4. Stimulates metabolism and prevents menopausal weight gain – Menopause causes drastic changes in a woman’s body – including metabolism and eventual weight gain. Reduced estrogen levels consequently lower the body’s metabolic rate making a woman’s metabolism slower than usual leading to weight gain, and in some cases – obesity. In order to prevent this, acupuncture therapy stimulates the body’s energy flow to rouse the natural metabolic process back to normal. Ear acupuncture is specifically designed to treat obesity as it promotes weight loss by curbing appetite.
  5. Vaginal dryness – Vaginal dryness, which is also known as atrophic vaginitis or vaginal atrophy in medical terms, is a common menopausal symptom. With menopause comes a typical symptom of vaginal dryness wherein the usual fluids that moisturize the vaginal area become scarce. This is also explained by the sharp decline in estrogen hormonal levels – another imbalance in the body’s chemical structure that causes a slurry of symptoms including the loss of vaginal fluids. Acupuncture targets specific Chi points in the body precisely to stimulate the glands responsible for producing vaginal fluids thereby addressing this menopausal symptom.
  6. Reduces the occurrence of chills – Another alarming symptom of menopause is the chills or the sudden intense feeling of being cold despite the absence of a reason. It can occur with a fever and may sometimes cause shivering or shaking of the body. It is usually interpreted as the body’s natural response to bacterial infection. But in this case, the drastic drops in estrogen levels cause the body to adjust suddenly to a point where it causes chills. Acupuncture addresses this by targeting Chi points for flu. The relief is instant as the acupuncture needles work their way in stimulating the body’s energy flow.

In the medical practice of treating menopause, natural treatments remain the best option for women out there. Nonetheless, the benefits of acupuncture go beyond just treating menopause – it’s also an effective treatment for women after they have gone through this reproductive period.

Postmenopausal acupuncture is another reason for women to consider acupuncture therapy. As a woman’s body undergoes hormonal changes throughout the menopausal stage, a lot of hormones, proteins and other natural bodily processes become lost. With the loss of these bodily processes, the body can experience several imbalances that women have to adjust to. Even after menopause, the same symptoms might still occur such as insomnia, vaginal dryness, hot flashes, irritability and mood swings.

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