Acupuncture for Fertility – A Holistic IVF Support, IUI Support in Frisco TX

In the past, fertility used to be the metric of a woman’s importance in society. Because the concept of a woman as breadwinner seemed impossible, her role was reduced to that of a mother. But, when fertility becomes a problem, one of the viable solutions is acupuncture for fertility.

Studies on acupuncture and fertility show that this ancient treatment can increase a woman’s chance of conceiving – without the side effects. But, the effect is indirect.

Acupuncture involves balancing the endocrine and reproductive systems while increasing blood flow. It also reduces stress levels, a factor that contributes to most miscarriages and inability of women to bear children. Even in medical research, acupuncture for fertility is keeping both oriental and western doctors amazed.

If conceiving is a problem, Yin’s Acupuncture & Herbs Clinic offers IVF and IUI procedures that could boost one’s chances of conceiving.


An IVF procedure – or in vitro fertilization – consists of ovulation stimulation until embryo implantation. The success of the IVF process depends on several factors: embryo freezing, pre-implementation genetic diagnosis, and sperm freezing. These stages contribute to the overall health of the egg and sperm.

IVF treatment is available in several states such as Louisiana, Connecticut, Hawaii, Ohio, Arkansas, and Texas. But, IVF cost can vary in each place, with Yin’s having one of the most affordable rates. The average cost for IVF is $15,000. But, there can be additional costs, depending on tests and lab storage.

IUI procedure is a little different. Intrauterine insemination involves the placing of a sperm cell inside a woman’s uterus for fertilization. The IUI process aims to increase the number of sperm cells that could possibly reach a woman’s fallopian tubes.

IUI success rate in the US is up to 20 percent per cycle. But this also depends on the woman’s age, the state of her reproductive health, her lifestyle, and her existing medical conditions. While the IUI cost is often lower than that of IVF pregnancy, with a couple spending around $3,000 for a cycle, IUI success stories aren’t as many. This fact overshadows IUI success, resulting in women opting for IVF. Still, some of the useful IUI success tips is to de-stress, adopt a healthy lifestyle, and try acupuncture.

Natural Fertility

In the absence of IUI and IVF, a couple could still hope to have a child through natural means to boost fertility. They don’t have to visit a fertility center. Instead, they can go to Yin’s Acupuncture & Herbs Clinic. They can inquire about herbs that complement fertility diet.

This step can also be paired with acupuncture sessions. This is true whether the couple is trying to conceive naturally, through IVF, or IUI. Acupuncture for fertility almost never fails. Women can start acupuncture sessions 3 months before they proceed to IUI or IVF. At any rate, acupuncture will complement any other fertility therapy.