Does Acupuncture in Frisco TX Work for Weight Loss?

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You may be wondering: Does acupuncture in Frisco TX work for weight loss? You may have tried different exercise routines and diet schemes, not to mention other ways, even products, to shed off excess pounds. Read on to learn how this therapy works and why you should consider visiting an acupuncture and diet specialist near you.

How Does Acupuncture Work for Weight Loss?

Acupuncture is a vital practice in the field of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). As part of this technique, acupuncturists insert needles into certain points along channels in the body, called meridians, to rebalance the life force or energy, called chi or qi (pronounced as “chee”), flowing through them and treat certain conditions. On the other hand, Western practitioners’ “puncture” these points to stimulate muscles, nerves, and connective tissue and boost the body’s own natural defenses.

Can Acupuncture Help with Weight Loss?

Studies show that acupuncture works wonders in helping people lose weight. In a study published in a Chinese medical journal in 2018, 100 patients with prediabetes were randomly divided by researchers into three groups. The first group is to be treated with diet modifications and moderate exercise, the second with the same interventions as the first group but with metformin, a diabetes medication, and the last also with the same treatment as the first group but with acupuncture. Participants in the second and third groups showed significantly reduced body mass indexes (BMIs) as well as improved fasting blood glucose, hemoglobin A1C, and total cholesterol levels after three months.

How does acupuncture in Frisco TX work for weight loss in this case? The researchers have concluded that acupuncture may help prediabetes patients lose weight by reducing their resistance to insulin and leptin. These are hormones that regulate the appetite and are involved in losing weight for the long term.

Another study published in “Acupuncture in Medicine” in 2013 shows a randomized and controlled clinical trial of the five-point ear acupuncture technique to treat overweight people. Ninety-one patients, all with BMIs of 23 or greater, were grouped into three: The first received the five-point treatment, the second only one-point acupuncture, and the third sham acupuncture or insertion of needles that were immediately removed. After one month, people in the first group had reduced weight by an average of 6.1 percent, while those in the second group lost weight by 5.6 percent, and those in the third group did not lose weight at all.

Acupuncture and Dieting Go Together

When you visit an acupuncture and diet clinic in Frisco TX, you are expected to work with the specialist so you can achieve the best results. You can do so through observing proper diet.

TCM professionals believe that food can be the medicine people need. It helps establish and maintain well-being. Here are the basics of a Chinese acupuncture diet:

  • Fresh food is key to healthy eating. This means your foodstuffs should be packed with chi and free from chemicals and preservatives. They also shouldn’t be over-processed.
  • Vegetables are another component of a proper TCM diet. Cook them lightly so the enzymes and vitamins your body needs from them will be preserved.
  • Beans and grains are also part of the diet regimen. Soak and cook them properly so they can be easily digested.

An acupuncture diet for weight loss is not limited to having the right kind of food. You should also practice healthy eating habits. Here are some that you can follow after your acupuncture session:

  • Eat at regular times of the day. Avoid skipping breakfast. This will help your gastrointestinal tract work at its best.
  • Make your breakfast big. Eat more at your first meal. It is when your digestive system is most active, according to TCM.
  • Eat only moderate amounts. If you eat too much, it will be hard for your stomach and spleen systems to digest your food properly and distribute nutrients to different parts of your body. If you eat too little, you may experience malnourishment or dehydration, leading to constipation and slow healing.
  • Take time to cook and eat your food. Mindful cooking and eating improve your digestive system’s performance and help you become aware of any sensitivities to food. Avoid stress eating; otherwise, you will eat too much or too fast, and your digestive system will have a hard time keeping up with your hurried, distressed eating.
  • Have a daily exercise routine, so the energy and nutrients you get from food do not stagnate inside you. This stagnation, according to TCM, is the cause of many diseases. Exercise helps boost your metabolism and digestive function.

Visit the Best Acupuncture and Diet Clinic in Frisco TX

If you are already observing the proper diet and regular exercise, consider adding acupuncture to your weight loss regimen. Aside from helping you control your appetite and lose excess weight, acupuncture can also provide you other benefits such as reduced stress, balanced blood sugar levels, and improved sleep. Start by setting an appointment with an acupuncture clinic with only the best-licensed expert acupuncture practitioners.

If you still have questions, like “Does acupuncture in Frisco TX work for weight loss?” get in touch with our team and us will help you learn more about acupuncture. Call us at (972) 668-2626 today!

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