Why You Should Seek Acupuncture for Stroke Prevention in Frisco TX

Looking for acupuncture for stroke prevention in Frisco TX is the right decision.

The World Health Organization states that almost 15 million people worldwide have a stroke. It is the second main cause of death and one of the leading causes of disability. It is common in developed countries where cardiac diseases are widespread.

What Is Ischemic Stroke?

There are two types of stroke. The ischemic type is the most common. It happens when a blockage in the blood vessels inhibits the blood flow to the brain. The narrowing of the blood vessels may also cause this condition.

When the blood cannot reach the brain, the cells there begin to die.

The symptoms of ischemic stroke include:

  • Weakness
  • Numbness on the limbs and face
  • Problems in vision
  • Confusion
  • Difficulty in walking
  • Problems with body coordination
  • Difficulty in speaking
  • Severe headache
  • Trouble in speech comprehension

Tissue Plasminogen Activator (tPA) and intracranial angioplasty are the common treatments for stroke. Sedatives and blood thinners are also among these conventional treatments. Doctors use them to reduce the blood clot, widen the blood vessels, and to calm seizures.

Yet, these medications have their downsides. Not every patient responds well with tPA and intracranial angioplasty. Blood thinners overuse may lead to secondary hemorrhage. Sedatives may impede the patient’s recovery during the rehabilitation.

For the USA’s typical rehabilitation program, expect a long period of treatments and therapies. It starts with seven days of stay in the hospital. Weeks of physical, speech, or occupational therapy. Almost a month of outpatient rehabilitation.

The patients’ recovery is not guaranteed after rehabilitation. Sometimes the period is not enough to completely rehabilitate the patient.

Thus, scalp acupuncture points for stroke treatment and rehabilitation are recommended. It does not replace the conventional treatment and recovery programs that hospitals use. But, acupuncture enhances and improves them.

Acupuncture as an Alternative Medicine for Stroke

The effectiveness of acupuncture for stroke rehabilitation does not have enough scientific proof, though the World Health Organization supports acupuncture as an alternative medicine against stroke. Several clinical studies can testify its efficacy.

This method allows the patient to recover in less than a month. They have a 95 percent chance to recover from damage and disability.

Recovery is possible. Studies found that the main mechanisms of the acupuncture benefits are the following:

  • proper regulation of the cerebral blood flow and neurochemicals
  • promotion of cell proliferation
  • prevention of cells’ death
  • improvement in recovery

Two principal zones develop in the central nervous system when a stroke happens. These zones affect the cells in the CNS.

The two zones are ischemic penumbra and ischemic core. The ischemic penumbra has its tissue intact but dysfunctional because of the damage. The ischemic core zone is where cell death happens.

Acupuncture promotes cell proliferation in the CNS which focuses on these zones. It helps the patients by reducing or preventing the formation of edema, which can result in the death (destruction) of the brain cells.

What you need to know more about acupuncture is that it is not all about needle insertion. Qi flow rehabilitation is its goal. Finding the acupuncture points for ischemic stroke is about qi flow rehabilitation.

The technique or method of needle insertion for qi flow depends on the patient’s condition. For example, the acupuncturists may apply light qi stimulation in the scalp of hemorrhaging patients.

They can find the acupuncture points for hemiplegia when the patient’s body feels cold. Acupuncturists also use the setting mountain on fire technique. This technique is a classical method that changes the body temperature. It opens the body channels to warm the yang and promote the qi.

You also must know that time for acupuncture stroke rehabilitation is important. Professional acupuncturists tell patients to undergo acupuncture treatment as soon as possible. Delays can put the patient in danger.

In the first 72 hours, acupuncture can save the penumbra that surrounds the stroke’s core. After 72 hours, edema begins to form putting the patient in more danger.

It is advisable to search for acupuncture for stroke prevention in Frisco, TX. Acupuncture, along with medical interventions, enhances the patient’s chance of survival.

Acupuncture’s Role in Rehabilitation

You have to remember that it is best to rehabilitate the patient as soon as possible. Prompt rehabilitation is especially important for patients with dysphagia or aphasia. Failing to start the process in the first month, makes the recovery limited or impossible.

The rehabilitation starts when the patient’s vital signs are stable. The acupuncturist introduces stronger stimulation on the acupuncture points for stroke recovery.

Along with the insertion of needles, the acupuncturist also introduces the daoyin. It is a therapy that includes encouragement, psychological counseling, and more.

One example of daoyin is instructing the patient to move their tongue. The acupuncturist may also ask them to create mouth sounds while in the session. Another example is by asking the patient with facial palsy to close or open their injured eye.

The patients’ recovery from speech problems after surviving stroke has no guarantee. It depends on their brain’s ability to repair capillaries and to reduce the edema. Patients only have up to 30 percent chance of recovery when they are on their own.

To increase the patient’s chance for recovery, acupuncture stroke speech therapy may be done. This method dilates the brain capillaries to improve the flow of oxygen and blood in them.

For this reason, you should search for “acupuncture for stroke near me” on your browser. Although no scientific evidence can explain its efficacy, the WHO supports it. Clinical studies also back up its efficacy.

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