Healthy Pregnancy

I want to thank her for the success of my healthy pregnancy! I have been going through fertility treatments for 4 years with two loss babies and a lot of money spent. Due to my age ,I decided to have the last IVF treatment that I was going to endure. I did everything that was recommended, I even had my embryos “tested” by PGD, and still it was an unsuccessful IVF. I just could not bear the fact that I was not going to get pregnant. I saw her advertisement and started seeing her in January with the hopes that I could try just one more time. She told me that she needed 3 months to get my body ready. By April, I started my last attempt to having my miracle baby. She was with me the day of the embryo transferring and performed treatments before and after. 13 eggs were retrieved and fertilized. We still did the embryo testing (PGD) due to my chromosome issues in the past. My Doctor transferred 2 good healthy eggs! To our surprise, I GOT PREGNANT! We are having a healthy baby girl all because of her. I can not thank you enough for all you have done for us.