The Success of Acupuncture for Anxiety and Depression in Frisco TX

With mental and emotional conditions being a tad more difficult to grasp compared to normal ailments, many patients have turned to acupuncture for anxiety and depression in Frisco TX. Not only is it a substance-free technique, it also makes use of effective methods that help the body to naturally cope with the problem it is dealing with.

If you think that anxiety and depression are rare, think again. There are around 40 million people who suffer from anxiety and depression in the United States alone with studies indicating that this illness has been prevalent particularly in the female population. However, only around 36.9% of these people are being treated. Whether your depression or anxiety is a long-term issue that you have been born with or induced by certain recent events or experiences, it is without a doubt a crippling adversary.

Understanding Depression and Anxiety

Depression and anxiety are best defined as a medical illness that makes people think and feel negatively regardless of logical reason. This is sometimes attributed to certain energy and chemical imbalances that cause people to feel or behave depressingly or anxiously. A person who is suffering from these illnesses may exhibit some if not all of the following symptoms to name a few:

• Serious weight loss or gain
• Panic, fear, and uneasiness
• Insomnia
• Pessimism or hopelessness
• Irritability and restlessness
• Digestive problems that do not improve even with treatment
• Suicidal tendencies

How Acupuncture Deals With Anxiety And Depression

Fortunately, depression and anxiety are not totally impossible to deal with. While some people prefer to use medication such as anti-depressants, there have been some cases where they don’t seem to work as intended. That is where people turn to natural and substance-free methods such as acupuncture for anxiety and depression.

As previously mentioned, depression and anxiety deal with imbalances in the body by working with what we call “neurohormonal pathways”. To manage this, the acupuncturist will apply methods that naturally correct these imbalances to restore positivity in one’s body and mind. This is done by using thin needles to stimulate certain points all over the body. Doing so stimulates the nerves and sends signals to the brain that then reacts by releasing beta-Endorphins, which will then allow the patient to feel better and more positive. This method is used not only to treat health conditions but also maintain wellness in general.

Studies have shown that acupuncture has been effective in dealing with anxiety and depression. Reports have stated to have patients experience positive results in as early as three months. In fact, this has been one of the earlier evidence that acupuncture really works.

Acupuncture for Anxiety and Depression in Frisco TX As A Support Method

Acupuncture works well with other treatment methods and does not intervene with any prescriptions that you might have. So there’s nothing to worry about in case you don’t want to give up your current medication or therapy sessions. Acupuncture is safe, natural, and causes no side-effects on its patients.

So for whatever cause or reason that you are feeling unusually down, anxious or depressed, why not give us a visit? Contact Yin’s Clinic today or schedule an appointment for a proper assessment and diagnosis with regards to acupuncture for anxiety and depression in Frisco TX.