What Are the Benefits of Acupuncture for High Cholesterol?

Have you ever considered acupuncture for high cholesterol in Frisco TX? Many have tried and have been amazed at the effectiveness of acupuncture in treating many different kinds of illnesses. Though acupuncture treatments have been around for more than 2,000 years, extensive medical studies have increased its capabilities in treating other health problems such as allergies, back pains, insomnia, stress, and many other more. In this article, we’ll be discussing what high cholesterol is the natural treatments that are available.

What is High Cholesterol?

High blood cholesterol is defined as the condition wherein high levels of cholesterol are found in the blood. Not considered as a disease, high cholesterol is classified as a metabolic dysfunction. This means that it can lead to other serious illnesses – most notably in the heart and the cardiovascular system. Stroke, heart attack, and angina are common conditions that result from high blood cholesterol.

There two types of cholesterol in the body, the good cholesterol that protects your heart against disease, and the bad cholesterol that causes plaque buildup in the arteries. When the arteries become hardened and narrowed with plaque, this results into higher blood pressure. The most common causes for high cholesterol are unhealthy diet and bad lifestyle.

Most foods today are riddled with bad cholesterol. The most common food sources of cholesterol among people living in the US are eggs, chicken, beef, and full-fat cheese. But not all of these high-cholesterol foods have a bad impact on our health. It is the foods that cause inflammation that increase the chances of heart diseases. Studies show that body weight is closely associated with high cholesterol too. Thus maintaining a good weight and healthy diet by leaving out unhealthy foods can lower your cholesterol levels. These foods should be avoided as these are rich in bad cholesterol: Canola oil, processed vegetable oils, potato chips, packaged foods, sugary snacks, and processed meats.

A proper diet plan helps your body get the right nutrients that it needs and avoid waste material in your blood. Eat more fruits and vegetables. It may seem cliché, but your elementary school teacher was right all along. Be sure to also eat whole grains and lean proteins to complete your diet. Spices such as oregano, black pepper, and basic have active ingredients beneficial for lowering cholesterol. It is also important to increase your physical activity, to lose weight, and to stop smoking as these factors greatly affect your bad cholesterol levels too.

Acupuncture for High Cholesterol in Frisco TX

One of the best ways to lower your cholesterol levels is to get treated through acupuncture for high cholesterol in Frisco TX. Through our customized treatment plan, we ensure you of an all-natural treatment for high cholesterol. Yin’s Clinic specializes in natural herbs for treating most kinds of illnesses. And our professional acupuncturists are able to focus on your pathways that impede your body’s natural healing process. For more information about our treatment using acupuncture for high cholesterol in Frisco TX, contact us today!