Acupuncture for Weight Loss: Does It Work?

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More and more people are using acupuncture for weight loss.

The treatment makes use of acupuncture, the Chinese practice of using pressure points to promote healing and health.
In acupuncture, a trained practitioner uses thin needles to stimulate specific points in your body to promote healing and pain management. Research indicates that acupuncture helps relieve pain, especially in the neck, knee, and back.

An increasing number of individuals believe that acupuncture also helps achieve weight loss. It can be used to stimulate your chi or energy flow to impact factors that affect weight.
Acupuncture for weight loss helps to increase metabolism. It reduces appetite. It reduces the stress that can cause stress eating or food binges. It stimulates the brain to reduce hunger pangs and food cravings.

Traditional Chinese medicine suggests that being overweight is a result of body imbalance. When certain parts of the body malfunction, your metabolism tends to go awry. You tend to overeat and gain weight.

When something goes wrong with your endocrine system, kidney, liver, thyroid gland, or spleen, you tend to gain weight.
If you want to lose weight, an acupuncturist will identify and target acupuncture for weight loss points to promote weight loss.
Acupuncture practitioners believe that you can control food cravings by targeting pressure points on the ear. They use a treatment that is also used to help drug users and smokers manage their addiction to drugs and nicotine.

The technique uses acupuncture weight loss ear magnets. Instead of stimulating pressure points with acupuncture needles, an acupuncturist uses ear acupuncture for weight loss magnets to apply magnetic pressure on the same areas on the ear.

An acupuncturist will attach tiny magnets on your outer ear with the use of sticky tape similar to the ones you find on adhesive bandages. The magnets apply pressure on the nerves – stimulating blood flow and improving the way the body functions.

Using the same acupuncture principle, the pressure serves to stimulate the flow of chi to achieve weight loss. The treatment suppresses the appetite. It dulls your taste buds. It reduces stress. It diminishes food cravings. It elevates your metabolism, so you burn calories quickly. As a result of all these, you are able to lose weight.

Acupressure weight loss magnet reviews suggest that using acupressure ear magnets helps to jumpstart a weight loss program.
The length of treatment will depend on how much weight you want to lose. Two or three sessions a week for 6 to 8 weeks is a typical program if you want to lose between 10 to 15 pounds. As your program progresses, the number of weekly visits may taper off. An acupuncturist will determine what program is best suited for your situation.

If you are interested in trying acupuncture to help you lose weight, it is prudent to do the following:
• Go to a trained and licensed acupuncture practitioner
• Discuss the pros and cons of acupuncture for weight loss in detail
• Ask about the acupuncture for weight loss cost
• Combine acupuncture with changes in food, exercise, and lifestyle habits

Acupuncture is a safe, effective, and low-risk procedure provided you get a practitioner who is licensed and trained in the procedure.
An increasing number of people go to Yin’s Acupuncture & Herbs Clinic in Frisco TX for help. If you have tried to lose weight for a long time – and failed to do so, it is time to book an appointment with us and find out more about acupuncture for weight loss.