How Acupuncture for Weight Loss in Frisco TX Clinic Can Help You

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With the increased awareness of the effectiveness of acupuncture in treating many medical conditions, it should not be surprising that more people have been searching more frequently for acupuncture for weight loss in Frisco TX. Acupuncture has become widely accepted as a “complimentary technique” to conventional medicine, meaning that it is intended for use in addition to regular treatments.

What is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is a technique used in traditional Chinese medicine. It involves inserting very thin needles into the body at particular points. These points lie along meridians or pathways through which energy (chi) flows.

The theory behind acupuncture is that the needles will help to rebalance your energies and may help cure certain illnesses. These include various types of pain, such as back pain and headaches, as well as respiratory ailments. It has also been used to relieve vomiting and nausea following chemotherapy.

The traditional medical establishment has long recognized the efficacy of acupuncture. In 2003 the World Health Organization listed several conditions for which its effectiveness has been proven, including managing high blood pressure, dysentery, reducing the risk of stroke and peptic ulcer, and other gastric conditions, in addition to the ones already named above.

Acupuncture is not painful since the needles used are as thin as a human hair—people who have undergone the treatment report either feeling relaxed or energized afterwards.

Can Acupuncture Help With Weight Loss?

According to a study conducted by researchers at the Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture is effective in treating obesity. The researchers theorized that neuroendocrine balance might be involved since this is responsible for energy balance.

When the maintenance of adequate energy is changed, it may result in obesity and other metabolic disorders. Acupuncture may be helpful in restoring this balance, which can result in weight loss.

Of course, there are more specific ways in which acupuncture can help you lose weight. These include:

Regulates appetite

A study from Hong Kong Baptist University found that acupuncture might stimulate the production of beta-endorphins, serotonin, and other hormones responsible for suppressing appetite and increasing fat breakdown. The researchers found that sixteen acupuncture sessions were enough to help patients lose weight.

Relieves stress

It is well known that one of the reasons that people lose weight is overeating due to stress. Independent research conducted by doctors in private practice found that acupuncture might be helpful in reducing stress over time.

The researchers found that acupuncture patients experienced increases in heart rate variability (HRV) during and after treatment, and in some cases, increases in HRV over time. HRV is seen as a new way to measure wellness. People with high HRV are not only more resilient against stress but also have better cardiovascular fitness.

Acupuncture Diet for Weight Loss

Of course, acupuncture alone will not result in weight loss. Acupuncture and dieting go together as patients have to adopt a healthier diet as prescribed by their acupuncture practitioner.

Chinese herbs are safe to take since they have minimal risk of side effects. They are sourced only from manufacturers certified as having standards of Good Manufacturing Practice.

Here are some of the recommendations for a Chinese Acupuncture Diet.


You should eat a wide variety of vegetables in assorted colors. This will not only ensure that you feel full but also provide you with an assortment of antioxidants and nutrients.


This is a balanced food that anybody can eat since it is hypoallergenic. Rice is seen as a cleansing food that can remove dampness from your body. Either brown or white rice is good, depending on your preference.


Patients are advised to eat only small amounts of protein, preferably from plant sources such as soybeans. Animal proteins can be hard to digest; hence you only have to take small portions of these.

Acupuncture Clinic in Frisco TX

If you still have questions and doubts regarding does acupuncture work for weight loss, we invite you to get in touch with us. Yin’s Acupuncture and Herbs Clinic is located in Frisco, TX. It is run by Dr. Xie Yin, a master acupuncturist who has extensive experience in this field of practice, having practiced for seven years in China as a medical doctor who combined Western and Chinese medicine. She also is licensed by the Texas Board of Medical Examiners.

She also combines acupuncture with the use of Chinese herbal formulas. These formulas not only enhance the effectiveness of the treatment, but they also treat other conditions that acupuncture may not address. A typical formulation may contain up to 25 different herbs to treat various conditions.

Herbal formulations are usually given in the form of tablets, capsules, or decocotions that the patient drinks. The patient may also be given herbs in a topical form such as lotions and creams.

Acupuncture for weight loss cost in Frisco TX varies, but it depends on the number of treatments required. Most patients who have undergone acupuncture treatments, however, feel that their money has been well spent since it has helped them to regain good health.

If you are interested in learning more about how acupuncture can help you, or to schedule an appointment, feel free to get in touch with us. Our phone number is 972-668-2626, or you can email us at You can also visit our website, Our clinic is located at 5899 Preston Rd, Building 8, Suite 801. Call us today so we can discuss acupuncture for weight loss in Frisco TX, as well as all the other ways that acupuncture can help you.

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