Acupuncture for IUI Support in Frisco

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More and more couples are using acupuncture for IUI support in Frisco today. Read on to learn more about acupuncture and how it can complement IUI treatments!

FAQs about IUI

IUI or intrauterine insemination is becoming a popular technique to get pregnant.  It is helpful in situations where pregnancy is hampered by issues with erectile dysfunction, sperm motility, and cervical mucus.

IUI is a procedure characterized by the insertion of a processed sperm sample directly into a woman’s uterus. The sperm sample doesn’t need to go through the cervix. A greater number of sperm has a better chance to reach the fallopian tube where sperm can burrow into the egg and fertilize it.

If you use IUI for fertility, your doctor is likely to prescribe fertility drugs. These medications are formulated to help follicles develop and to trigger ovulation.

How can I improve my IUI success?

One IUI cycle has a success rate of 15% to 20%.  Using fertility medications brings this rate up to 40%. Acupuncture and IUI studies indicate that you increase the probability of success even more if you combine IUI, fertility medications, and acupuncture for fertility IUI.

Does acupuncture help with IUI?

A study conducted in 2012 compared the success rates of two groups of women. One group used IUI as a stand-alone technique to get pregnant. The second group used IUI with Chinese medicine and acupuncture. The first group had a success rate of 40%. On the other hand, the second group enjoyed a significantly higher rate of 65.5%.

Succeeding research on the same subject matter indicates that acupressure DOES help with IUI.

Benefits of Acupuncture for IUI

Couples who use a combination of IUI and acupuncture are more likely to succeed at getting pregnant. This is because of the following benefits of acupuncture for IUI:

  • Acupuncture improves blood circulation.

By tapping specific acupuncture points for IUI, an acupuncturist enhances blood circulation. This, in turn, helps follicles develop.

  • Acupuncture for infertility IUI brings more blood to the uterus.

More blood helps make the uterine lining healthier – and more conducive to pregnancy.

  • Acupuncture lowers stress.

Research shows that high levels of cortisol and other stress hormones have an adverse effect on the hypothalamic-pituitary-ovarian (HPO) axis. It reduces the possibility of pregnancy.

By reducing stress, acupuncture increases the chances of getting pregnant.

  • Acupuncture promotes fertility health.

Acupuncture puts you in a better place for getting pregnant by normalizing both your hormonal levels and your menstrual cycle.

  • Acupuncture for IUI success improves sperm motility.

Low sperm motility is a factor that hinders fertility. Acupuncture helps sperm to swim properly — and boosts the prospect of successful fertilization.

When Should I Start Fertility Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is a process-oriented form of therapy. You get more benefits from repeated sessions.

Research shows that you have a better chance of getting pregnant if you begin acupuncture treatments at least 3 months prior to an IUI cycle. The therapeutic effects of the treatments are likely to boost your chances of getting pregnant.

Exceptional Acupressure for IUI Support in Frisco

What are the risks associated with using acupressure to help IUI and other fertility treatments?

Acupressure is a generally safe procedure. But, if you want acupuncture for IUI success to work, get in touch with a board-certified, licensed acupuncture professional in your area.

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If you need the best acupuncture for IUI support in Frisco, call us right now.