Acupuncture for Diabetes

You know what a life-altering condition it is when you or someone close to you suffers from diabetes. Diabetes, which is the inability of the body to properly use insulin, affects millions of individuals in the United States alone. If properly identified, diabetes in and by itself is not a fatal condition. Nevertheless, keeping it under control is vital which needs correct treatment and consistent monitoring. And the more you know about the illness the better your opportunities of being able to live a normal life with diabetes.

The chronic ones are Type 1 diabetes where the body just does not produce insulin (a hormonal agent that causes cells to save glucose), and Type 2 where tissues and cells are not responding to insulin. Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes need treatment.

Even after proper diagnosis, diabetes symptoms and diabetes treatment significantly vary from person to person. The distinction between managing diabetes correctly and letting it go uncontrolled can be the difference in between a typical, healthy life and one with serious complications that can result in degrading health and dangerous conditions.

That’s why it makes sense to seek a natural method that could alleviate Diabetes and provide long-term relief of a broad variety of diabetes-related conditions. Treatments are given according to which diabetes symptoms you’re wanting to treat. There are acupuncture techniques to help with nerve pain, organ function, metabolism, and weight loss.

Diabetes emanates from your endocrine system, which are hormones responsible for triggering your organs to control your sugar levels. Those that attest to benefits of acupuncture treatment for diabetes state that acupuncture helps trigger endorphins, which are hormones responsible for stimulating positive feelings in your body thereby blocking feelings of pain.

There are other diabetes-related problems reported to be alleviated by acupuncture treatments. Several studies done in China and in the US cited that Acupuncture also helped in treating people with depression as well as in reducing stress markers, lowering blood pressure, stimulating neurotransmitters that helped with sleep and regulated hunger.

At Yin’s Acupuncture & Herbs Clinic, although we vouch for the many benefits of acupuncture not only in alleviating diabetes-related symptoms but also in helping relieve other conditions or illnesses, we do not, however, suggest substituting acupuncture for conventional medicine. What we recommend is a correctly planned combination of healthy lifestyle habits, alternative therapies, and medical treatments. A balanced way of living and healing is the best approach to improve the function of your body system and minimize any diabetes-associated complications.

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