Acupuncture for Chronic Upset Stomach

With the rise of alternative healthcare options today, you might be wondering if it is wise to consider acupuncture for stomach issues. Will you benefit if you take Chinese medicine for stomach problems? Is acupressure for stomach pain a good choice?

An upset stomach is often bad news. Stomach problems become major issues when they inhibit you from carrying out day-to-day activities normally. The good news is that there’s acupuncture for digestive disorders, backed by 2,000 years of tradition and decades of research.

Acupuncture is a practice in which specific points on the body, called “pressure points” are stimulated via probing with needles to relieve certain conditions. Performing acupuncture for stomach pain allows the acupuncturist to unclog a person’s flow of qi or energy. Acupuncture for digestive issues regulates digestive processes and ultimately improves digestion.

When acupuncturists carry out acupuncture for gastrointestinal disorders, they first identify acupuncture points for stomach pain. Some acupuncture points for digestion are located in the stomach area, on lower arms and legs, and on the head and back.

Experienced professionals are also knowledgeable in acupressure and Chinese herbs for digestion problems. When you take these along with acupuncture for digestive issues, you will enjoy the benefits of treatment better.

You might want to consider getting acupuncture for stomach problems when you experience tell-tale signs of gastrointestinal disorders. Do you experience cramps with nausea and vomiting? There’s acupuncture for gastric problems. Worried about persistent bowel movement or diarrhea? There’s acupuncture for bowel problems. Having recurrent abdominal pain, headache, body aches and/or chills? There’s acupuncture for abdominal pain. Various disorders characterized by these symptoms can be addressed with acupuncture for stomach issues.

One such disorder is Irritable Bowel Syndrome or IBS. It is a chronic or recurring condition which requires long-term treatment. Acupuncture for IBS, coupled with other treatments such as acupressure and herbal medicine, is helpful in managing the discomfort caused by this condition.

When these same points are stimulated during acupuncture for acid reflux, the muscles of the esophagus stiffen up and prevent that burning feeling in your chest. You will feel relief after a few sessions of acupuncture. Digestive problems such as flatulence, diarrhea, bloating, and constipation can also be addressed by acupuncture.

Some Chinese herbs for stomach problems like Mountain Yam, Wild Cardamom, Rhubarb, and Rehmannia prevent digestive issues by improving food breakdown, nutrient reuptake and lubrication of the digestive tract. Targeting acupressure points for gas and digestion such as the Outer and Inner Gates on the arm, the Three-point mile below the knee, or the Union Valley on one’s hand aide in relieving uncomfortable sensations such as stomach pain and gas. These points may also be used in acupuncture for digestive problems.

Oriental medicine is slowly gaining ground in the US as treatments combined with acupuncture, acupressure, and herbal medicine are proven effective in addressing chronic pain, fibromyalgia, back pain, osteoarthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, digestive problems and many other health issues.

Learn more about acupuncture for digestion from an expert such as Dr. Xie Yin and put an end to your digestive problems once and for all. Give us a call at Yin’s Acupuncture & Herbs Clinic to know more about acupuncture for chronic upset stomach and other digestive disorders.