Acupuncture for Cancer Pain Management

Acupuncture therapy is one of the few traditional remedies that are widely accepted nowadays. It involves the practice of inserting needles into certain points in the body to relieve pain.

Not everyone likes the idea of needle pricks so they ask: is it painful? Is acupuncture safe? Does acupuncture really work?

Over the years, there were many studies about acupuncture benefits. Some of these studies tried to find out the truth about acupuncture and cancer benefits.

Both acupuncture and cancer can affect many parts of the body. Ancient belief tells that the former boosts energy flow in the body. In contrast, cancer is one of the elements that disrupt the said energy flow.

Many ask us, “Can acupuncture cure cancer?” Researchers are still studying the possibility of using acupuncture for tumors. But if you rephrase the question, “Can acupuncture help cancer patients deal with side-effects?” Absolutely! Some studies have revealed the amazing benefits of acupuncture for cancer pain and related symptoms.
Some cancer treatments are often painful. These days, many doctors allow acupuncture for cancer pain management.

Acupuncture for cancer involves finding the right body points. Acupuncture for breast cancer will have a unique set of points. The same goes for other cancer types.

Acupuncture points for cancer tend to be near the tumor’s location. If you feel pain all over your body, your cancer acupuncture points will also include your forehead, nape and upper butt. You may have needle points in one of your toes, fingers and knees as well.

Aside from acupuncture for cancer pain, this ancient remedy also helps with breathlessness, dry mouth and fatigue. These three are other side effects of cancer cure.

Acupuncture and cancer care may deal with stress as well. For stress relief, needle points include the forehead, nape, shoulders, soles and back of the hands.

Acupuncture cancer treatment works by stimulating nerves. This leads to the release of helpful hormones such as endorphins and serotonins. Both hormones ease pain and stress.

Endorphins may also come from exercising, having sex, and eating hot peppers. But, these may not be good for cancer patients who just had chemo. In contrast, acupuncture for cancer patients is less risky and less painful.
Supplements and foods rich in simple carbs can boost serotonin production. But, doctors may not advise taking supplements while getting cancer treatment. As for diet, it may depend on your condition.

Serotonin offers many benefits to cancer patients. These benefits include improving digestion.

Cancer patients tend to feel sad because of their condition and treatment costs. Thankfully, serotonin can also boost their mood.

Both acupuncture and cancer cure come with side effects. A tingling sensation is the most common side effect of acupuncture. However, it’s mild and fleeting.

Acupuncture for cancer cure may also lead to small bruises. If you get it from a licensed acupuncturist, you won’t have to suffer from such effect.

Acupuncture and breast cancer treatment can complement each other. Ask your doctor if it suits your current state.
Your doctor may tell you about other remedies aside from acupuncture and cancer treatment. Massage and aromatherapy can help with stress and fatigue. You may also try arts like painting, drawing and writing.

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