How Acupuncture Provides Help for Infertility and IVF Support Frisco TX

Meridians, or energy channels, flow through the human body like rivers, according to traditional Chinese medicine. Interrupting this flow causes physical and emotional problems, including infertility. Acupuncture, the process of placing needle points into specific areas of the body, is thought to free the trapped energy and allow the body to function normally again. The acupuncture needle may change the body’s hormonal or chemical balance, making it healthier. This allows the energy channels to flow smoothly again.

Acupuncture for IVF Support Frisco TX can increase a woman’s chances of becoming pregnant. Treatment releases beta-endorphins, the “exercise” hormone that gives people the same euphoric feeling they get after running or biking. This stress-reducing hormone helps calm nerves and lessens pain. The more relaxed a woman is, the likelier it is that she’ll conceive.

Reducing stress is a general factor in improving the chance of pregnancy. Some studies have shown specific reasons acupuncture helps with IVF Support Frisco TX. It can improve blood flow to the uterus, and ovaries which strengthens the endometrial lining, when performed before IVF procedure. Women who have difficulty conceiving due to Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) or other ovulation disorders can benefit from acupuncture. PCOS causes many small, benign cysts to form on a woman’s ovaries, and results in an abundance of androgen hormones in some women. These conditions make ovulation irregular, reducing the chance of pregnancy. Acupuncture may kickstart ovulation in some patients. It can increase sperm count, sperm motility, and sperm morphology for men, so both partners can benefit from the treatment.

According to an article on WebMD, significant results from a study conducted on 1,366 women indicate that receiving acupuncture treatments before IVF had a 65% higher chance of getting pregnant than women who didn’t receive the treatment, it does offer hope for women who’ve tried other ways to improve their chance of getting pregnant.

Yin’s Clinic can help women with fertility problems by using IVF Support Frisco TX. This safe, natural procedure regulates hormones, improves thyroid function and can improve other health problems that cause infertility. Dr. Yin has over 24 years experience in herbal medicine and acupuncture. Infertility treatment and preparation for in-vitro fertilization using acupuncture are among her specialties. Give Dr. Yin a call at Acupuncture & Herbs Natural Healthcare at 972-335-2626 for more information.

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